What is Comedy? – The Comedy Consultant

PeanutButterPasta is back (as if anyone gives a f***) and we can’t quite generate comedic ideas, so we request help from a comedy expert- The Comedy Consultant. However, things don’t go precisely as planned.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod at incompetech for the soundtrack as well as Video Copilot for the special effects.

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Update #2 “The Comedy Consultant” Almost There!



Hey guys and gals! We are more than half way done filming for our latest video “The Comedy Consultant” and we’re aiming to have it uploaded within the next 2 weeks! When the video goes live I will post a link here or you can check out our channel on Youtube (PeanutButterPasta) @¬†https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrz0sVgThYgIohtfjs6hUPA. Thanks for the support and remember we are comedy’s favorite food!